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Support groups provide connections with others who share similar problems, as well as emotional and moral support. Quite often, members also share practical advice and coping skills for those facing a new diagnosis or at the beginning of a caregiving journey.  The group may be structured, with specific goals and agendas for each meeting, or it may be more oriented toward social connections and shared experiences.

Besides providing the benefits of socializing and staving off isolation, support groups can help members cope with their changing world due to their diagnosis. It brings into their sphere people who have experienced what they have.

Why socialization is important during times of need:

Receiving emotional support & minimizing isolation

People with epilepsy can share fears and frustrations, receive support without judgment and be reassured that others share similar problems. This provides support group members with an outlet for feelings that friends and family who aren’t in the same situation may not fully understand.

Getting practical advice & information

Support group members can share advice about treatment, medication and alternative options. Exchanging information about positive outcomes can empower members of the group to take a more active role in their care or seek out treatment options previously unknown to them. 

Groups for all ages…

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved all our support groups to a virtual setting until further notice. This is done out of an abundance of caution to keep all of our clients, staff, volunteers, and the community safe during this difficult time. Stay tuned for updates on a potential return to in-person support group meetings.

For more information on these groups, call 860-346-1924 or email

Young Adults

1st Tuesday of every month, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

If you would like to join others in sharing experiences, gaining peer support and learning together about epilepsy and overcoming challenges to live well with epilepsy, join us! Group topics to be included: Goals and Aspirations, Healthy Relationships, Identity & Self-image, Depression & Anxiety, & Facing & Overcoming Challenges. This group was created specifically for those aged 18-30 with an Epilepsy diagnosis.

Hi, my name is Paige DiTommaso and I have the pleasure of running the EFCT support group for young adults with epilepsy. I have been living with epilepsy for over 20 years now and throughout my journey, I have found that my mission is to support, serve and empower individuals living with epilepsy, chronic illnesses, and or disabilities. This support group has been a major catalyst for advocacy in my life, as we have brought so many individuals with epilepsy together to create a supportive community for all. We have members who have participated for years and we welcome new members each month. It is an honor to support and lead this community of amazing individuals on their life journeys!

Professionally, I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, providing mental health therapy services to those who need support. I also own a wellness coaching practice called, Beyond Measure Coaching, where I help individuals achieve and sustain their wellness and lifestyle goals. I enjoy advocating for the epilepsy community and providing education and awareness to the public. Finally, I enjoy coaching fitness and spending time with my husband and our dog, Leo.

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Open Adult Group

3rd Tuesday of every month, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

This group is open to people with epilepsy ages 18 and up, parents of a child with epilepsy, and caregivers of people with epilepsy.

Seizures are often only one of the many challenges that come with a diagnosis of Epilepsy. This group will connect you with others who understand and can offer insight and resources on how to cope with and manage these challenges.

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3rd Wednesday of every month, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

One of the best resources for the parent of a child with epilepsy are the experiences of other parents. This group welcomes parents and caregivers of young children, adults, and every age in between.


Our journey with the Epilepsy Foundation began when our 23 year old daughter, Caela, was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2019. At the time, she was a junior in college in Florida. We knew what epilepsy was, but had no idea what to do, where to turn or how to get help.  That’s when our family’s epilepsy journey began.  The Epilepsy Foundation helps us in our journey and assists us as we navigate this new world.  The support group has wonderful parents/guardians.  It is a time when we can ask questions, share our thoughts, challenges as well as our triumphs. 

To this day, our daughter is drug-resistant.  So our journey for treatment and a cure continues.  As parents who are educators in public school districts, we feel blessed to have resources to turn to and help point us in the right direction as we continue to find what is going to work best for Caela.

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Pre & Post Surgery Support Group

September 30, 2024, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

The Epilepsy Foundation of CT will be hosting a virtual meet-up for adults who have epilepsy and have undergone or are considering surgical intervention. This is an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences in a mutually supportive setting.

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