Safety Devices

Epilepsy Safety Devices

Seizure safety devices can include seizure alert monitoring systems that can detect when a person may be having a seizure and notify someone who can respond. Devices can be used by people of any age. Some systems also record and store seizure data that can be shared with your physician. Seizure alert devices do not prevent, diagnose or treat seizures or epilepsy.

Other devices listed here have been designed to keep a person free from injury in the event of seizure and to help reduce triggers that can lead to seizure activity.

Safety Device Resources

American Medical ID

Personalized Medical ID Jewelry

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Danmar Products

Custom head protection includes hard and foam shell helmets

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Somnilight Light Therapy

Glasses to help with photo sensitivity.

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Hot weather can be difficult for children to cope with — especially if they have a pre-existing condition or live in an unforgiving climate. Keeping them cool can be a challenge. Glacier Tek makes a cooling vest that

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Guardian Helmets

Protect your loved ones from falls, head-banging and other head trauma today with the comfortable yet highly protective Guardian soft padded helmet!

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Heat Relief Depot

Cooling, Warming and Safety Products

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Plum Enterprises

Protective headwear. We provide peace of mind to parents of small children, adult children of aging parents, caregivers and medical professionals concerned with the serious problem of fall injuries.

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SAMI: The Sleep Activity Monitor

SAMi is a sleep activity monitor for caregivers and individuals who need to watch for abnormal movements at night. During sleep, audio-video information from a remote infrared video camera is sent to an app running on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch. The SAMi app records and analyzes the video for unusual activity. When an unusual event is detected, an alarm is sounded, followed by live sound and video from the SAMi network camera. A parent/caregiver can then take any necessary action. Read about SAMi at

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The sole purpose of is to help people living with epilepsy. This site allows a user to log seizures and medications and create reports with graphical representations that can be emailed directly to doctors.

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Sleep-Safe Pillow

This pillow was created by a father of a son with epilepsy. It was developed in an effort to prevent suffocation during nighttime seizures.

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The Inspyre By SmartMonitor

Inspyre works with an Apple Watch or a Samsung watch. The Inspyre app tracks movement and sends notifications upon patterns of unusual motion.

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Manage your seizures, triggers and medication, with an app, free on iPhone and Android.

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EpiMonitor is an all-in-one solution for seizure alerting and epilepsy monitoring. Enhanced with new features, and a powerful and stylish medical smartwatch, it is a complete companion for people living with epilepsy.

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