Project Uplift

Empowering people with Epilepsy

The goal of Project UPLIFT is to empower people with Epilepsy to improve their own mental health through mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral skills. It increases knowledge and skills, reduces depression, and improves quality of life.

Methods taught include challenging thoughts, behavioral activation, coping, problem-solving, and mindfulness.

Validated mental health measures are used to screen for eligibility for the program, and other measures are used throughout the program to monitor change in mental health.

To register or learn more, please email Monica Anzelone at or call (860) 346-1924.

Project Uplift

About the program


  •  8 group telephone sessions over an 8-week period
  • Telephone sessions last one hour


  • Adults with Epilepsy
  • 5-7 participants per group


  • Delivered by a trained UPLIFT facilitator
  • Co-facilitated by a person with Epilepsy
  • Supervised by an UPLIFT trained Mental health professional

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