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The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut can always use your help! Whether it be spreading the word, specific event help, or general advocacy, your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Our organization’s lifeblood is our dedicated and hardworking volunteers. Working together our volunteers make it possible for us to obtain critical resources, information, and provide support to members in our community who live with epilepsy.


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Volunteer opportunities

Below are the many different options available to volunteer at the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut.

Fundraising Events

Contact Elizabeth Styblo at elizabeth@epilepsyct.com or 860-346-1924 to volunteer.

  • Volunteers needed for the planning of the event.
  • Volunteers needed for soliciting places for donations.
  • Volunteers needed to distribute flyers to stores, companies or persons either in person or through email.
  • Event sponsorship
  • On the day of the event in any capacity, either part of or all day
  • Event Participation


Individuals with Epilepsy face unique obstacles to care including difficulty accessing proper medications, inflated cost of treatment, and limited state and federal resources. Help to make a difference in your community!

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Support Group Leaders

Contact Amy Placeres at amy@epilepsyct.com or 860-346-1924 to learn more about leading a support group.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut is always looking for volunteers to lead a support group. Being a support group leader can be very rewarding. Listed below are some of the responsibilities that a support group leader will have.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut will:

  • Send out notices to potential members of the support group
  • Provide brochures and videos to be used at group
  • Provide professional training to leader when available

The Support Group Leader will:

  • Arrange for the meeting site of the group
  • Keep up to date on EFCT activities and new epilepsy information
  • Agree to lead the group for at least one year

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